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93128 EVO Formance Micro Flex Underbody Kit – White

Product Description

Introducing a new generation of underbody kits! EVO Formance Micro Flex Underbody Kits are the most intense and flat LED underbody kit on the market today. They are extremely bright and extremely flat. With a thickness of 1/8 of an inch (4mm) they can easily be hidden almost anywhere.  The extreme brightness is achieved by using Ultra-Bright technology that is only available through EVO Formance. The result is super bright, high output LEDs. Each strip was programmed to have quick flashes and aggressive movements. They are divided into 6 sections that allows for these sequences and movements. The Micro Flex Underbody kit has a total of 9 operating modes including steady on plus 8 intense scanning, flashing and strobe sequences. The underbody kit comes with a key fob style remote control that switches the lights on, off, and through all 9 sequences. The strips are flexible AND rigid at the same time. This means that the strips can bend into any position and stay there. This is made possible by mounting each strip on top of a thin, flexible aluminum band. The strips can even bend into a ring for use behind rims and wheels. The strips are encapsulated in plastic making them completely waterproof and impact resistant. Each kit contains two 36 inch (90cm) strips, two 48 inch (120cm) strips, 1 remote control, 1 transformer box, 16 mounting brackets, 32 screws, and 4 heat-shrink sleeves. Please note: Installation requires knowledge of 12V electrical systems. If you are not familiar with 12V electrical systems, please seek assistance from you local automotive installation center. For off road and decorative use only. Check state and local laws. 


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