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93675 EVO Formance HID Replacement Bulb – Cold White – D3S

Product Description

The new EVO Formance HID Replacement Bulbs are approved by the Department of Transportation, DOT Approved and can be legally operated on all roads. They are manufactured with high-quality components and  has a life expectancy of 3000 + hours. EVO Formance HID Replacement bulbs are the perfect choice when you want to replace the original headlight bulbs with a product that offers equal or better quality and brightness. Rated at 5000K which has a pure white output, no tinge of yellow or no tinge of blue. Operates using a 12V power source and consumes about 35 watts of power. Package includes 1 D3S bulb. Don’t Change…Evolve


Click Here to Buy: $ 77.99

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