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93158 EVO Bullets – LED 194 T-10 Replacement Bulbs – Blue & White – Twin Pack

Product Description

EVO Formance Bullets are simply the most powerful LED wedge 194 (T-10) replacement bulb on the market. Each bulb uses an ultra-intense pair of LEDs that consume a total of 1 Watt of power. One watt may not sound like a lot, but when applied to an LED it equals a tremendous amount of light output. In addition, Bullets have a smooth 180 degree illumination with no hot spots. EVO Formance Bullets are made to fit any existing wedge 194 (T-10) socket on the vehicle, and have a life expectancy of 2000+ hours . Applications will vary with vehicle make and model. Matching headlamps and other EVO lighting accessories are available in the same cold blue color for a complete customized look. Package includes 2 bulbs and step by step instuctions. For off road and decorative use only. Check state and local laws.

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